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Just January

We hope you all had a safe and happy new year! This is typically the time where most people make new goals and resolutions and see how long they can keep them! Here at Lamuella, we do the same! The piggos plan to nap more, and get more belly rubs. The goats want to eat more leaves, and get more brushes. All the birdos plan to steal more food from the other kids.

We have big plans for 2021, and pandemic or not, this will be a great year for us. We are planning on getting new perimeter fencing, getting the garden started and flourishing, and we hope to start monthly sponsor programs for our amazing donors!

Since the numbers for Covid cases are not slowing down in our part of town, we will continue to have appointments one at a time, and they must be confirmed before arrival. We will also continue to ask that when interacting with other humans, that masks be worn. The good news is, we have partnered with Phoenix Animal Save and we now have the ability to provide our regular volunteers & donors with discounts at participating restaurants! Feel free to reach out to us, or Phoenix Animal Save for more information.

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