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November Already?!

Om my gosh I cannot believe it is already November! I feel like it is still March and it has dragged on for a decade. We have been busy with the sanctuary, we have a whole mess of news, so here goes!

First and foremost, we now have a MERCH STORE! We have set it up with the basics for now, and depending on what people want, we can always add more! We just published a limited-time line of Priscilla Tees from artwork created by a supporter!

Second big news, we now have a do it yourself booking system through our website! By going to the "Visit" page on our site, you can now download the guest info & the volunteer waiver. You can also contact us to schedule a tour for your first visit, and returning volunteers can book their own appointments to come by! This way it can be self serve, and set you up with calendar reminders if you choose.

All of the residents are all winter ready, with clubhouses full of blankets to keep them warm, fresh straw in the coops, and fabric doors to keep out the chills. With all these blankets everywhere we will be in dire need of blanket shakers to help dust them off every once in a while!

Next week we will be back to a resident spotlight, so stay tuned! And as always, feel free to contact us with any questions!

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