• Megan

Pardon the Interruption

It has been quite a while since our last post, and we apologize for the radio silence. We have been hard at work taking care of the residents and trying to adjust to the "new normal."

With the hot summer coming to an end, we are excited for the relief it will bring to the residents of Lamuella. We did purchase 5 new pools for the pigs to lounge in, and new bins for the chickens and turkey to stand in when its sweltering. We don't imagine that new pools will make it through the year though!

In the time in between this, and the last blog post, we have been working diligently on expanding what we offer, we are looking at merchandise for our loyal followers, sanctuary days for groups, and even educational sessions about proper care and intake for residents! The website will be updated with this information soon, stay tuned for all of our future updates! We will continue to provide news, resident spotlights, and more on our regularly scheduled basis!

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