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Resident Spotlight: Barb!

This week, we have someone to celebrate!

Barb came to live with us in 2019. Phil and I had recently registered ourselves as a sanctuary, and were eager to help anyone who would need a new beginning. As fate would have it, my father called us and said a friend of his was looking for a home for a goat. We of course accepted, and my father helped us arrange for them to come from Northern Arizona down to us.

Barb was an FFA show goat, she was bred for competitions (which she won several belt buckles and blue ribbons for) but when the competitions came to an end, her caretaker couldn't sell her for slaughter. She is far too loving and sweet, and deserving of so much more.

When she arrived, we explained that we would never exploit Barb, and she could live a happy life here. She immediately became friends with Solange & Coppuchino, and she absolutely adores Phil!

Barb's favorite activities are bumping heads, playing on her spools and clubhouse, and trimming the tees if they get too low hanging.

Barb really loves making new friends, and would like everyone to know her favorite snacks are the following: (only if they do not touch the ground, because she's a bit of a diva)

Grape tomatoes



Leafy greens


Tree leaves

If you would like to meet Barb, or know anything else about her, feel free to reach out to us on any of our social media platforms, or directly through email!

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