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Resident Spotlight: Coppuchino!

We missed posting last week because, let's be honest, there is a lot going on. While Phil and I have not been able to attend the protests for the safety of our residents and their vulnerability to the virus, we are diligently supporting the movement in the ways that we can.

This week we are spotlighting the absolute love of my life and a real inspiration when it comes to healing from trauma. Coppuchino came to live with us in March of 2019 with Solange. His story actually starts with a news article. In January of 2019, Coppuchino was found in downtown Phoenix at a local coffee shop. He had escaped his former family and made his way down town to Lola's Coffee. He found the patio, decided the shade was a good place to nap, and the authorities were called. The local law enforcement reached out to Better Piggies, and said that if they were unable to pick him up, they would be forced to put him down.

Better Piggies knew they had to help. They arrived downtown to find Coppuchino napping away, his ear was torn, likely from escaping fencing, and another tag was on his ear. his tusks had not been maintained and were needle sharp. He had not been neutered, and he was very clean, almost as if he had recently been shampoo'd.

Better Piggies brought him in, and scheduled a vet visit. Dr Mike, from Heard health was able to get him neutered, trim his tusks, and tend to the wound on his ear that dangles from about an inch of connected skin.

I volunteered the day of the vet appointment, and was there when he was waking up. He was so groggy and out of it, he didnt even want to eat. But he let me comfort him with beely rubs and back scratches. The video link below states that the owners came back for him, but they never did. During his recovery, he would't be friendly with human men, but he loved it when I would come to see him. And as is Coppuchino fashion, he escaped his pen to get into Solange's area. They immediately became a bonded pair. We couldn't separate them, so we knew he would come home with us. Now Coppuchino and Solange are the most spoiled kids at the sanctuary. They have pools to hang out in, they have a dedicated space in the living room to sleep, and all the love they could need. Coppuchino still has some healing to do though.

We found out that he has a broken growth plate in one of his hind legs, he still has a torn ear, and he has PTSD from his former family. He is very wary of strangers, and he has some very particular boundaries he has established. We have been working with him with music therapy, he particularly loves acoustic guitar, and he loves having long conversations. We still have a long way to go to help him recover from the trauma, but he has made so much progress already!

Sometimes he does get a bit ornery, but we give him his space and let him cool off, and he is back to his sweet self. The best way to know he is happy is when he squeaks his teeth.


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