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Resident Spotlight: Priscilla!

Happy Monday to all! We had a really busy weekend irrigating, and then spending some much needed time to take care of our sanctuary to do's. We took care of poo patrol, cleaned out both of the chicken coops, and cleared out some branches and twigs that had accumulated in the yard from recent winds. We are also going to be restarting our compost bins (they have gotten out of hand) and prepping the garden for fall planting.

Our resident of the day today is Miss Priscilla! She came to us as a wee little babby with her brother, and they have grown so much, and become the social butterflies of the family. Priscilla pretends to be shy at first, but she is very loving and playful. Since she and her brother are still young, they have a lot more growing to do, but they have come so far already!

Her hobbies include being a mud princess, digging GIANT holes in the yard, and of course naps.

If you would like to come visit Priscilla, or any of our other residents, feel free to reach out to us to schedule a tour!

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