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Resident Spotlight: Wee Bit!

Sorry we are a little late in the day this week! Today was really busy for us, but everyone is fed and in bed! This past week, we came up with some raffle, and shop sales that we will be announcing for the end of the year! Stay tuned for those!

This week we are showcasing our little trouble maker, Wee Bit! She is one of Oreo's daughters, but boy is her personality different! She was notorious for bullying the baby piggos when they got here, and is a frequent theft of other people's breakfasts!

Wee Bit is still pretty shy when it comes to human friends, she will be very clear about whether she will allow you to pet her, brush her, or even hand feed her. She does love her goat family though. You can usually find them all grazing together, or basking on top of the car (which they aren't supposed to) or the spools in the yard.

If you would like to meet Wee Bit, or anyone else in the Lamuella family, feel free to reach out to schedule an appointment or tour!

Photo credit: Zoomforhope

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