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Valiant Volunteers

Another week has come and gone here at Lamuella, and oh boy have we been busy! We are in the home stretch of our self-filling water trough, our weeds have been pulled and are down to a manageable level, and we have had a lot of amazing individuals reach out about volunteering!

With so many family members here, not only are there a lot of mouths to feed, but there are so many different personalities to get to know and accomodate. Our volunteers not only help us manage the chores around the day to day care, but they help the residents become more trusting to humans, and give them the opportunity to meet people that aren't just mom and dad.

Many of the residents that live here have been exposed to some kind of trauma, whether it be in a factory farm setting, breeding facilities, or just plain old violent previous families. Now that they live here, we make sure to give them everything they need to trust humans again, or for the first time.

Volunteering here at Lamuella at it's core is more for socialization than anything else. Giving good belly rubs, sharing daily stories, scritches on the chin, are all great ways to share affection with the residents and pamper them. We also like reading out loud to them and playing music for them. Coppuchino specifically loves acoustic guitar!

Of course we also have normal chores that can be done, things like poo patrol, refilling pools and water dishes, shaking out blankets, and all the "fun" stuff that we do on a daily basis. We really do love our volunteers so much, and we can make sure the kiddos here have better lives when they have more friends.

If you are interested in volunteering, feel free to reach out to us here, or on any of our social media platforms to schedule an orientation. We will soon have an online reservation set up so you can schedule your time in advance, and we will let you know more updates as they come!

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