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Welcome to Lamuella!

Thank you so much for joining us here at the virtual space for Lamuella! I'd like to get this started with an introduction to us (the owners) and the sanctuary as a whole. To get us kicked off, I will introduce myself and my partner, and discuss how Lamuella came to be a mind theater child, and how it came to fruition.

My name is Megan, I am an Arizona native, and I never pictured myself living with farm animals, let alone operating an animal sanctuary! My partner Phil, is an engineer & mathematician, and envisioned a very different life for himself.

On Christmas eve of 2018, Phil and I were wrapping some gifts for his niecelett and nephew with newspaper, and we saw a listing for a house for sale, not too far from where his folks live. We decided to check it out on Christmas morning on the way to visit his family. As soon as we arrived, we saw the tiny house, and all the yard, and we knew, this would be it. The place we would make our home, and we would start our microsanctuary! (We had been hoping to buy a house in the hopes of hosting a microsanctuary to house and rehabilitate a few animals)

By February we had moved in, and we knew we were going to start with the two little loves that had stolen our hearts from Better Piggies Rescue. Better Piggies, and Danielle specifically have helped us so much as far as inspiration, and giving us a goal post. Solange and Coppuchino, who had bonded instantaneously with Phil and myself respectively, would be the beginning of this story for us.

On March 17th, 2019, they came home with us. They love having so much room to graze, nap, and wallow. They are still the most spoiled babies here. They even sleep inside the house in the living room! They have taught us so much about second chances, rehabilitation, and unconditional love.

In May of the same year, with the hopes of becoming a full fledged non-profit sanctuary to anyone who needed a home, or a fresh start; we invited one of our dearest friends to come and bless the property, so that we can continue to provide love and compassion for the residents, and visitors. Reverend Robert RyugenDoshin Yamada from The Animal Liberation Temple was gracious enough to come and provide his blessing to the residents, and the property. We live in a neighborhood that raises individual animals as food, so it was important for Phil and I as vegans, to make sure the energy that the residents feel is nothing but safety and love.

Once the property was blessed, we knew we could absolutely do this. We decided to go all out and make ourselves a state and federally recognized animal sanctuary. Where did our name come from? Well as all sci-fi nerds are apt to do, we chose a name from one of our favorite novels. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is a wholly remarkable book series. One of the planets mentioned, Lamuella, is an idyllic planet, home to the perfectly normal beasts. We agreed that this would be the perfect phrasing to show that these residents are not just for food, milk, or eggs, but perfectly normal, in their wish to live a life of love and compassion.

We have been taking in those in need since Sept of 2019. We now have 20 residents who are thriving and experiencing the love they never have had before. The purpose of this blog will be to highlight residents, highlight our experience as sanctuary owners, and provide guidance for those who wish to pursue a similar goal of providing a safe space for animals to live their life free of exploitation.

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